fisherman's hands


We serve customers across the globe. That’s a big responsibility.

And we harvest our product from the oceans that we all share.

So our priorities are not only with our customers but with the environment. Because by investing in safe food handling practices, vigilant environmental stewardship, and careful sourcing of product, we are serving not only current consumers but future generations as well.

At Yihe, we manage our own fisheries within the guidelines of good scientific quotas and environmental impact standards.

We believe that protecting the oceans is a fundamental obligation and we are fully committed to sustainability. We do not and WILL not deal with suppliers that could have fish of questionable origin or that could be connected with illegal, unreported or unregulated fisheries. We require that our suppliers meet with local area regulators, know quotas and also fish in a method that prevents habitat damage.

We plan for the long term.

It’s our commitment to you that we will safely catch, process and package all seafood using rigid food handling standards that adhere to the strictest requirements of the many countries we supply with quality Yihe seafood.